Where I Belong Chapter 6, a fosters fanfic | FanFiction

I just updated my Brallie fanfic Where I Belong! Longest chapter so far and it’s the Brallie first date so like check it out if you wanna and lemme know what you think if you get the chance :)

Posted on Aug 26

Brallie vandalize my neighborhood with their breathtaking kisses and beautiful love

Posted on Aug 22
Posted on Aug 20

She's Not You Chapter 7, a fosters fanfic | FanFiction

I just updated my Brallie fanfic, She’s Not You. The babe Brandon sings twice in this chapter so like go check it out maybe :)

Posted on Aug 20

For those who can’t afford to download it on iTunes or those who live outside the US, here’s download links for the songs from the Someone’s Little Sister EP!

Track 1 - Outlaws (Duet)

Track 2 - Never Fading Out

Track 3 - Tomorrow’s Never Gone

Track 4 - Sweet Piece Of Candy

Posted on Aug 19

brallie shippers when brandon and callie kissed

Posted on Aug 19
Posted on Aug 17
Posted on Aug 17
everything to me
i give it all away if you say you’ll stay
true love isn’t just a dream so shake me, wake me and make it our reality.
- lyrics from brandon’s new song
Posted on Aug 12

all the brallie shippers be like

Posted on Aug 12
Posted on Aug 12


I just posted a new chapter of my Brallie fanfic, She’s Not You! :)

Posted on Aug 06


I updated my Brallie fanfic! :)

Posted on Jul 28

brandon and lou next week ew no can you fucking not

Posted on Jul 22

It took Callie so long to tell Wyatt and barely no time at all to tell Brandon about Liam, that’s all I’m saying…

Posted on Jul 22